The first tuna puller was designed by Norman Junes in the mid 1960's.

Tapered shaft (6000 series) Char Lynn motor
Welded and formed stainless steel frame
Stainless steel hub, roller, line stripper, and shims
Available in (15, 19, 24, 30, 38) cubic inch motors
Formed stainless steel sheaves
Formed aluminum sheaves
Cast aluminum sheaves
Cast iron sheaves
Approximate weight (215 lbs.)
10" Tuna Puller
Stainless steel main frame (right & left hand)
Bronze hub
Formed and trued stainless sheaves
C.N.C. machined (acetal) line stripper
Bronze (manifold mount) 2 way hydraulic valves
With relief adjustment
3 gpm requirement
Char Lynn motor (3) cubic inch
Universal stainless swivel bracket
Can pull monofilament line